Women In Science


The mission of the Women in Science (WIS) affinity group is to provide women in scientific roles with professional support for their full and equal career advancement, through interactive, empowering, educational, professional development programs and a platform for effective networking and collaboration. WIS membership includes women with an MD, PhD, PharmD, RN, RPh or other medical/scientific degree as well as women who are working in research, medical or regulatory functions within the healthcare industry.

WIS in Boston

The Boston area is the world’s leading center for research, development and manufacture of biopharmaceutical products and our very talented Boston chapter members are eager to share their experiences. This is a truly unique opportunity for exceptional access to senior women leaders and inspiring role models in the healthcare industry. Participation in WIS programs provides the most time-efficient way to be able to connect with the most skilled women in Boston, whether you want to network or are interested in getting into a different area within our industry.  It is also a great opportunity to try out skills in a nonthreatening environment, test your unexploited capabilities, enhance your leadership development and participate in exceptional events. 

Year after year, WIS delivers measurable value to members through a curriculum of programs focusing on diverse healthcare issues and sectors with timely, rich content events covering varied aspects of the healthcare industry through programs specific for women in science.


The HBA Women in Science (WIS) initiative was born in the Boston chapter in early 2004. In 2006, an HBA-wide program was established to provide a unified voice for WIS, creating a global platform to share knowledge and experiences across HBA chapters and their local WIS committees. 

The idea of bringing relevant specific programming, networking and educational opportunities to women with scientific or clinical backgrounds or roles has spread throughout the HBA organization. Today, the initiative boasts established across many of our chapters and affiliates and incipient efforts are surfacing in several others.

For more information please contact: Alicia Gómez-Yafal (Director 2012-2013), Elena Izmailova (Chair)

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