IQVIA Asia Pacific and the HBA Launched First Virtual Ambassador Program

IQVIA Asia Pacific (APAC) and the HBA are excited to have launched the first Virtual Ambassador Program in August 2020. Seeing a need to support the development of future women leaders, IQVIA APAC selected 15 Ambassadors from Australia, Korea and South East Asia to participate in this 12-month program, the first of its kind for IQVIA and the HBA in the region. 

Since a face-to-face meeting was not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, the launch was held virtually through three video conferences over a one week period. The HBA provided four advisors to support the launch under the leadership of Bonnie Lappin. The Ambassadors worked on identifying both their individual and group goals for the year as well as implementing their own self-governance structure.

Congratulations and good luck to the APAC Ambassadors.