Hear from Women in Science Lead, Sirisha Burra

Hear what Sirisha Burra has to say about her involvement with the Women in Science affinity group.

What does it mean to be a lead for Women in Science?

Education and training in scientific fields do not come with leadership coaching. Rather scientists are encouraged to be in their own pods in order to be focused and disciplined. Such institutional barriers can hinder the growth of leadership skills, especially for women. My role as a lead allows me to grow as a leader and also help others in getting leadership training.

Being in a place to learn and teach how to achieve gender parity was also one of the goals I had when taking up this position. I have two toddler daughters and for them, when they grow up, I wish for a world where they do not have to have a conversation about equal rights or equal compensation. I am excited to pay it forward.

What are your objectives and initiatives with Women in Science for 2021? How will they help and inspire others to join the HBA as well as the affinity group?

To create workshops for scientists at all levels in order to:

  1. Achieve leadership positions
  2. Move-up in their careers
  3. Navigate through difficult career transitions
  4. Learn to effectively communicate their career goals


Groups audience: