How Do We Grow In Times Of Adversity? Learn from Transformational Specialist Breda McCague

How do we Grow in Times of Adversity?
Learn from Transformational Specialist Breda McCague

Helping our members to gain different perspectives and develop new skills is a huge part of the HBA’s mission; so that we can support them in furthering their personal and professional development. For this reason, we are delighted to share that HBA Dublin will welcome transformation specialist and Lean In Ireland founder Breda McCague for a special webinar titled Pause, Plot, Pivot in September 2020. During this webinar, Breda will help us to understand growth in recessions, how to find new ways of doing things we had previously wanted to do in our lives and careers and how to master the fear that might be in play in our lives.

COVID 19 Changed It All
When we look back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe in March and to the impact it has had on our lives since, a few words come to mind: fear, uncertainty and adapting.

For most of us, the stress of living through an unprecedented global pandemic for the first time in our lives created an overwhelming amount of fear. Fear for our health, the health of our loved ones, potentially losing our jobs, the uncertainty surrounding the long-term consequences of the pandemic on our societies and economic systems and more. Many of us will remember the first signs of this unprecedented fear when we think back to the stockpiling of groceries, most notably toilet paper and hand sanitizer just a few months ago. Of course, this resulted in critical shortages of certain staple items which if left unresolved were going to cause huge knock-on consequences for our supply chains and for the more vulnerable members of our communities who didn’t have the resources to compete for these items. 

These incidents alone were widely covered by international media and certainly highlighted the urgent need for us to develop coping strategies to deal with this fear and uncertainty so that we could establish a sustainable, calm and equal approach to adopting this new way of living. Arguably and to different degrees, we can say that this has been achieved through strategies such as complete lockdowns, social distancing and segregated shopping times. This is evident through the diminishing numbers of the virus in most European countries.

So, What Have We Learned From This Experience?
If we look at the bright side, we can say that the COVID-19 pandemic has either taught or reminded us that we will all face instances of fear and uncertainty in our lives and we must be able to step back and adapt if we are to be able to succeed in times of adversity.

Being able to adapt to new challenges, especially in times of uncertainty or when facing the unknown, is an essential skill that we must continue to develop. We have seen the importance of adaptability in the fight against COVID-19, both on an individual and collective level, where family members have had to isolate from each other, teams have had to learn to work from home and communicate virtually and all of us have had to find new ways of continuing our favourite interests and hobbies.

In September, we take this one step further and learn from an expert in leading transformation and change. Join our event with Breda McCague to hear more about achieving growth in recessions and finding new ways of dealing with life. Registration for this webinar is compulsory and is open to members and non-members of the HBA. As this will be a truly inspiring, thought-provoking and hugely educational session, we expect spots to fill up fast.



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