HBA Frankfurt hosts Network Your Way to Success with A Personal Pitch

HBA Frankfurt hosted a successful event on 28 March. The sold-out event took place at Fahrrad XXL where more than 20 participants had the opportunity to get to know the HBA from inside and learn how to best build their network and personal brand during an interactive session.

The event was opened by the HBA Frankfurt team, who presented HBA’s purpose and mission, the development opportunities for professional and personal growth as well as great volunteering opportunities within the HBA.

Before the interactive part started the participants had the chance to hear a very interesting introduction of Syneos Health and their fields of play. In addition, the event sponsor Fahrrad XXL told a very inspirational speech on the history of Fahrrad XXL. Afterward, the stage was given to Sabine Hutchison. Sabine is the founder of Seuss Consulting and regional deputy chair of the HBA Europe region. Sabine is a trained chemist with extensive industry experience. She started an interactive dialogue with the audience by giving insights on how to build your personal brand and mixed up her speech with great exercises to directly train the learnings.

Here are some of the highlights and tips from Sabine’s presentation:

  • Ask yourself for what do you stand and what do you want to achieve? And create your plan if you defined your goals. Additionally, have a strategic network plan in your mind and have a thought on how you can approach people. Have in mind that you can be the giver and/or the taker and use the positive impacts of a great network.
  • “Personal branding is what people say about you after you leave the room” (Jeff Bezos); so think about words that you want that people connect with you e.g. enthusiastic; passionate, authentic, trustful, empathetic…
  • Use storytelling as an art and work with the movie trailer approach which is very helpful to create your personal pitch about you. There are four aspects that should be considered: hook, passion, help and call to action. At first begin to “hook” people, work in this section with a personal story or work with facts interesting for others to have their ears. In the section “passion” show why you do this and afterwards in the “help” part demonstrate how you can help others with a problem or a challenge. And in the end use “call to action” for you: advertise a little for yourself and generate desire at the others side.
  • Last but not least: be accountable and set up a challenging and realistic plan for you and practice your pitch as much as you can.

After this inspirational session, everyone had the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals accompanied with drinks and snacks. HBA Frankfurt would like to thank all participants, speakers and the sponsor for their contribution, the insightful discussions and great networking.