HBA Philadelphia chapter announces new Spark award for peer volunteer recognition

There is a new award lighting up HBA Greater Philadelphia today. In acknowledgement of volunteers who have distinguished themselves through "bursts of awesomeness”, HBA Greater Philadelphia is thrilled to launch a new peer volunteer recognition program called Spark. The Spark award highlights our committed and energetic volunteers for the work they do in making Greater Philly chapter shine.

HBA volunteers can be recognized for Spark in one of the following categories:

  • Collaboration
  • Consistency and dependability
  • Tackling a new challenge 
  • Encouraging and supporting others

How nomination works:

  • Any HBA member can recognize a volunteer for the Spark award. 
  • There is no limit to the number of Spark awards an HBA member can receive.  
  • Complete a very short Spark award submission form to recognize your volunteer. 
  • Each Spark award recipient will receive an HBA certificate recognizing their contribution, and will be publically recognized on social media and in the HBA bi-weekly newsletter.

SPARK is different from our chapter’s Outstanding Leadership Award (OLA), which recognizes volunteers for significant leadership contributions that have generated notable impact benefitting HBA membership. Spark acknowledges “amazing effort” in any capacity, large or small, and recognizes those volunteers who make our chapter better every day.

Our chapter’s volunteers are the engine in our success. Any member who is a volunteer or committee member is eligible. Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to recognize someone for their special awesomeness.

To recognize someone, click here.

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