HBA Boston Chapter Programs

HBA Boston provides professional support for the full and equal career advancement of women, through interactive, empowering, educational, professional development and skill building programs.

These programs not only provide members with the opportunity to discuss industry-specific changes and trends, but they also have the opportunity to refine and hone their networking skills and build professional relationships. Members have access to leadership opportunities outside their organization, allowing them to develop critical leadership skills such as consensus building, negotiation, managing without authority, cross-gender and cross-cultural communication.   

We strive to create programs that are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of our members. We use a variety of formats to deliver thought-provoking content, including panel discussions, workshops, and a presentation series called “Diary of a Leader.” We regularly invite role models in the healthcare industry, who are respected for their success and their strong leadership capabilities, as well as their mentoring skills, dedication and a commitment to giving back to women, and the community.

Our programming is focused on helping women to advance their personal and career goals through skill-based programs, networking, coverage of gender-based advancement issues, and practical “how-to” programs that educate, inspire and connect professionals to one another in order to provide powerful resources for knowledge, skills, and contacts.

The Boston chapter has a variety of local programs to meet your personal needs:

We also invite you to attend our global HBA flagship events, Woman of the Year and the Leadership Conference, as well as virtual programming including Leadership in Practice.

Groups audience: