HBA Boston Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors are recognized within the HBA community as drivers of development of women’s leadership in healthcare. Within HBA Boston, sponsors gain the visibility of more than 600 members and 2,200 participating non-members. Click here for more information on the advantages of sponsorship.

Types of Sponsorship

HBA Boston provides a varied selection of sponsorship opportunities that include events, dinners, newsletters and advertising. Please contact Julie Locklear for sponsorship opportunities. 

Sponsorship Benefits: HBA Boston

HBA Boston is an interconnected community of women in the life sciences, dedicated to personal and professional growth. HBA Boston is one of the HBA’s largest and most responsive resources for women leaders in healthcare with over 600 members and a regional reach of 2,200 who participate in sponsored events. HBA Boston provides leadership training, targeted industry knowledge and networking opportunities to New England’s women healthcare leaders.

Sponsored events connect HBA members and sponsors on relevant topics and drive life science advancements. Sponsored events help create a networked community that supports collaboration, connection and camaraderie and give women the necessary industry information to gain professional traction. Sponsors benefit with branded recognition within their companies and throughout the regional life science community.

There are different levels of sponsorship that can accommodate different reaches, styles and sizes of companies. Please contact Julie Locklear for more information.


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