The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association’s senior staff contributed posts to the Acronym blog published by the American Society of Association Executives.

The nominating committee is looking for HBA members who would be excellent contributors at the corporate level.

Engaging and retaining top talent involves more than just salaries and perks. Employees want to feel connected and inspired by their work. Employee peak performance and contribution is guided by a sense of belonging and purpose.

This past April the Chicago HBA Chapter recognized Megan Ebright as Volunteer of the Month. Megan served on the marketing committee and made a very significant contribution by establishing the HBA Chicago chapter’s presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

This past January the Chicago HBA Chapter recognized Susan Mayfield as Volunteer of the Month. Susan has been an active member of the programs and events committee for over one year and in that short time has made an amazing impact.

The 22nd WOTY event was attended by over 2,000 industry leaders in New York City as well as live broadcast to San Francisco and for the first time this year, also a broadcast and program in Paris.

One of the several new additions to the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s Woman of the Year luncheon this year was the Members Helping Members campaign.

At the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Metro Chapter Executive Women Breakfast (EWB) Series kickoff event Follow the Innovative Leaders, Tony Hooper, senior vice president of commercial operations and president, US, Japan and Intercontinental from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) offered that all corporations should inspire to be diverse, not just of race, nationality, sex and age but also of thought.

It turns out that age has quite an impact on how people behave in the workplace. Laurie Cusic, president of  Beacon Leadership Strategies, spoke at GSK on June 19 about how to succeed at work among four different generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.

The Mid-Atlantic Red Carpet Program, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think with Laura Vanderkam left the audience with great tools on how to manage their 168 hours in a week.