Interview with Brendan Byrne: On a Journey for Equality | HBA

Interview with Brendan Byrne: On a Journey for Equality

The HBA brings together people from different walks of life to discuss issues that affect us. Our mission is to empower women and men by promoting gender parity and gender equality to enable a united workforce. But we are not alone. There are many other great initiatives that also promote these noble causes. As a global non-profit networking organisation, we have the chance to speak with other groups and learn about their journey to equality. 

At HBA Dublin, we spoke with Brendan Byrne. He is the global finance lead at Accenture Ireland. Within his workplace, he is responsible for the LGBT, ERG and LGBT and Ally programs; while outside of work he is a board member of the National LGBT Federation of Ireland (NXF). Hear from Brendan on how furthering the NXF cause within his workplace and nationally has helped educate people, empower members of the community and further the importance of equality and united workforce. We are all on a journey towards equality.


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