HBA Dublin Volunteers Event Recap

Red Cow Moran Hotel, 12 February 2020
Written by: Sreeja Varghese

Kindly sponsored by Emma Jo Ayton, sales manager at the Red Cow Moran Hotel, the new HBA volunteers came together to organise the events calendar for HBA Ireland 2020.

Gillian Laffan, president of the HBA Dublin Chapter, presented the legacy of the HBA: the history, the current HBA impact and future goals. This then leads into the scope for our HBA Dublin Chapter to grow within Ireland, Europe and also worldwide as part of the parent HBA family. Dr. Rebecca Holland (marketing & communications) and Ms. Rachel Soriano (members & volunteers) further expanded on how HBA Dublin could achieve these goals to benefit its active volunteers, the current members and also the future members. 

The aim of the HBA is to provide a supportive and collaborative network for working professionals. Since its launch in 2018, HBA Dublin has attracted a lot of new members and the numbers continue to grow. The HBA is committed to providing its members with unlimited access to a variety of events, workshops, networks and resources to help them further their personal growth and professional goals. So, stay tuned to find out more about HBA Dublin events for 2020.

Meet the team (left to right): Maia Hadidi, Rachel Soriano, Rebecca Devlin, Gillian Laffan, Louise Duggan, Kathy Whyte Rosie Hennessey, Andrea Kelly, Sreeja Varghese, Michelle Maloney, Sam Bengtson, Edwina Stack, Fiona Dunphy, Rebecca Holland. 

Get involved with the HBA: HBA teams and networks are growing, so become part of our 2020 vision. More about the HBA Dublin.

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