Growth Through Innovation: Creativity Lab

A big shout out goes to AstraZeneca for sponsoring Growth through Innovation on 24 July and to professional coach and personal growth speaker, Susan Morris, M.Ed., CPCC, ACC. Susan facilitated a highly interactive creativity lab where attendees worked in teams to solve problems and make decisions on the spot, all in an atmosphere filled with laughter and curiosity. Susan outlined key principles for improving innovation:

  • Redefine failure as learning events 
  • Learn fast and learn early – don’t keep repeating the same mistake
  • Derive remediation solutions to what could fail at the beginning
  • Let go of perfection – an 80% solution may be all that is needed to still beat your competitors in the marketplace

To integrate innovation and creativity into your business goals and strategies, create a risk-friendly work environment by sharing your own mistakes and lessons learned. Encourage collaboration by reducing competition among team members and sharing new ideas. Expand your perspective by adding colleagues that do not settle for the status quo. Include representatives from your legal and regulatory departments to ensure ideas comply with company standards.

Thank you to our AstraZeneca colleagues and #HBAWC chapter volunteers who helped make this another great event. 

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