Summer has Been a Blast in Denver

HBA Denver has had a fantastic summer so far with two awesome events in June and July. 

For our June event, we had a very special opportunity to host our State of the Industry Panel at the Colorado State Capitol building. A very special thank you to our panel, Zach Lynkiewicz, Amy Whited and Jessica Wolfe who are experts in the field of healthcare policy. They addressed may issues facing the industry in Colorado such as cost pressures, innovation and medical marijuana, which is a hot topic in the state of Colorado. The attendees enjoyed discussion around key healthcare trends and how they are driving consolidation, specialization, collaboration and convergence across the healthcare continuum.  


In July we took a break, a mental break, and focused on mindfulness. Do you know what mindfulness is? Do you practice it? This definition of mindfulness evoked a fantastic discussion amongst the group “The awareness from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” (Kabat-Zinn, in Purser, 2015). How often do you pay attention and not judge, but just listen, learn and appreciate? We can all take a moment or two to focus, be present and really work on that third one – trying not to judge. A very special thanks to Yvette Costa for leading us.  

Don’t let the fun stop – come volunteer with us. 

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