Volunteering Creates a Stronger Connection to your HBA Chapter and Community

CNN’s article on volunteering said “Time is a precious thing. Once we give it away, we can't get it back.” 

So there needs to be some pretty compelling reasons to donate your time as a volunteer. We have so many things pulling us in a million different directions. Well maybe not that many, but it sure feels like it at times. It can be kids, family, jobs and even looking for our next opportunity. As April was National Volunteer Month, we reached out to some HBA West Chester volunteers to ask why they donate their time to the HBA. Follow the links below to see what they said. 

Anita Burrell, HBA West Chester president

Rebecca Casaubon, HBA West Chester director at large, operations

Melissa Johnson, HBA West Chester vice president

Teresa Fantacone, HBA West Chester director at large, marketing and communications

Ana Ladino, HBA West Chester director at large, programming

Nancy Kovach, HBA West Chester director at large, membership and volunteering

Congratulations and Thank You to the Following HBA West Chester Volunteers

A big shout out goes to Becky Casaubon. She received the Honored Volunteer Award for her commitment and leadership on the chapter’s First Executive Breakfast held on 5 April at Incyte. Becky worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help organize this sold out event.  Way to blaze the trail at one of the HBA’s newest corporate partners. Great job, Becky.

Shannon Keenan, one of our newest volunteers in 2019, drives a lot of the LinkedIn posts for our chapter, including on the HBA social media platforms plus creating all of the wonderful flyers for our events. Shannon has received a Spark Award for her positive energy and outstanding marketing support. Shannon has also been actively recruiting nonmembers to join the HBA and attend our events. We are privileged to have Shannon’s enthusiasm on the HBA West Chester leadership team.

Tammy Stone is also being honored with a Spark Award. Tammy led our 30 April Ignite Your Personal Brand event and she is also taking the programming lead on our 16 May and 11 June events. She is new to our chapter and has embraced her volunteer role. Tammy goes above and beyond supporting the programming group. She is also leading the 16 May and 11 June events.

Please find these wonderful volunteers at a future HBA event, introduce yourself and also thank them for their service to our organization.

How to volunteer for the HBA? 
It’s simple, reach out to any one of the volunteers mentioned above. If you want to aspire to grow your leadership skills, enhance your network or other great benefits that our members note, we need help in marketing and communications, programming and membership. You can read more at our website or reach out to Nancy Kovach, director at large, volunteer and member engagement.  Please note volunteers must be an HBA member.