Fit to Lead Newsletter June 2019

June was another busy month for the New England Region Fit to Lead Athleaders and July is sure to be jam-packed as well.  

End-May/June Re-cap:
At the end of May we held our Fit to Lead group workout; Tabata lead by our very own committee member Erin Davalos. What’s Tabata you ask?

In summary, Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes. We completed eight, four-minute sessions with stretching on both ends, with some networking beforehand for a great hour-long workout.
Check out our smiling group.

Equally busy in June, we had our virtual workshop on goal-setting and tips and tricks for effective goal-setting and tracking. In summary, making goals and having them visible is not enough- having manageable, executable steps, with milestones and check-ins for accountability are vital steps for success.

Our group workout was a self-defense fitness class at Krav Maga in Watertown on 25 June:


Fit to Lead Breakthroughs: On 23 June, NE Fit to Lead director at large, Danielle Littee completed her transformational fitness goal of completing a 10K while pregnant. She reflected, “I wasn’t able to be very active with my first pregnancy so being able to reach this goal during this pregnancy has been amazing. Having signed up for this race last year, I wasn’t sure what challenges I would face but I trained, listened to my body and fared well despite the heat and ultimately deciding to walk the full 6.2-mile course. The support from my family and the HBA Fit to Lead group has been great and I encourage all in the program this year to take the first step in declaring their goals and encourage HBA members to learn about the program and join next year.”

First Boston Sweatworking - Run the famed Harvard Stadium stairs with a senior Athleader, Maggie Duffy from Sarepta 23 July (rain date 30 July). Join the Fit to Lead athleaders for a unique networking experience while working out. Hear from Maggie about her fitness and professional journeys and how they’ve intertwined. This event will be open to all members, registration is open



Upcoming Events:
Join the Fit to Lead Athleaders on our teams at some great local races - two great ways to meet HBA members involved in Fit to Lead and network while seeing the sights of Boston and Cambridge:

11 July 2019- Cambridge Classic 5K- 6:30PM start; this is a fast, flat 5K through Central Square with the turn-around right before Harvard Square. Well managed and safe. Our team name is HBA Fit to Lead. 

Want to learn more about Fit to Lead or volunteer as an Athleader advisor? Check us out here or email Danielle.

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