HBA Indianapolis: Corporate Partner Feature – Roche Diabetes Care, Courtney Sullivan

On 7-11 June, the American Diabetes Association will hold their 79th Scientific Session in San Francisco, California. We took the opportunity to sit down with Courtney Sullivan, VP of sales at Roche Diabetes Care to hear more about her career journey in the diabetes space. 

After graduating Indiana University with a Bachelor's degree in psychology, Courtney began her career at an advertising firm fueled by her fundamental interest in people and desire to understand their motivations. From advertising she moved into marketing, which eventually lead to the start of her career at Roche, where she helped develop Roche Diabetes Care's web strategy back in 2000. During her 19 years at Roche, Courtney has had the opportunity to lead a variety of organizations and functions, from global marketing to product management, labeling to procurement, manufacturing to sales. Each of the roles Courtney has taken on over her career have presented opportunities to learn and grow personally as well as to lead teams through organizational and market changes. Her favorite role is helping teams go from good to great. 

Courtney attributes her success to a variety of factors many professionals can learn from.

  • Learning - take each role as an opportunity to learn. Find the pieces that you love and bring them to your next opportunity. Don’t get too comfortable with what you know.
  • Curiosity – ask lots of questions. Seek out opportunities to learn about new aspects of your business. Lean in to people, their interests, and their challenges. 
  • Take risks - be willing to take the job that no one else wants. Push yourself beyond what you know you can do. Be comfortable not being an expert.
  • Passion - find what makes you passionate in business and focus on developing and sharing this with others. It will bring you and others joy. It will also make work a lot of fun.

Courtney's career path and story is an inspiring one. She attributes her unconventional career path to leveraging the relationships and development opportunities associated with Roche’s women’s leadership initiative. This is where she became engaged with the HBA to expand her leadership skills and professional network. While it can be easy to stay on the career track you are on, her story is a good reminder to challenge yourself beyond your perceived limits. In a similar way, Roche Diabetes Care's is committed to innovating and advancing its products and services to ensure that people with diabetes can live their best lives and not be limited by their condition.