2019 Mentoring Program Kicks Off, Featuring Life Architect and Motivational Speaker Denise Hansard

On behalf of the Midwest and Southeast Mentoring Program committees, I’m pleased to announce that the 2019 Mentoring Program kicked off in May. This is the second year the Mentoring Program has been regional in both locations and we’re very pleased to add new chapters into the program this year - welcome to our participants in Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Denise Hansard
life architect and motivational speaker

We are excited to announce that by combining our resources, we have been able to feature an additional, consistent level of coaching expertise to both our mentors and mentees in 2019. Our kick-off events in May included keynote speaker Denise Hansard. Denise is a life architect, mindset coach, motivational speaker and author of Suffering In Comfort. She is a Southern girl who loves to tell stories and has been doing it all her life. She made a choice to set herself free from the stories of her past so they would no longer define her present nor her future. As an expert in transformation, she uses her passion for helping people become their best selves based on the sound foundation of her education, life and corporate experience.

At our kick-off event, Denise inspired all attendees by reminding us of the importance of setting a clear intention for the program by listening both to our “head GPS” and “heart compass”. Throughout the six-month program, Denise will be checking in with participants, providing additional inspiration. She will also be our featured keynote speaker at our September mid-point event and our closing celebration in January 2020.    

Our Mentoring Program would not be possible without our program committee members and mentors generously donating their time and expertise. I’d like to acknowledge Adrienne Brown, director of the Southeast Region Mentoring Program in particular. The Southeast also launched their regional program last year and it continues to thrive under her leadership. Finally, I want to thank our 2019 mentees  -- their enthusiasm towards furthering their personal and professional development is energizing and we can’t wait to see all they accomplish this year.







Heather Fenton Liebhart
mentoring director
HBA Midwest Region