HBA Houston Learns How to Transform Within Your Company & Within Your Career

On Tuesday, 21 May HBA Houston hosted an invaluable program entitled “Transformation Within Your Company & Within Your Career” at Willie G’s in Houston, TX. Karen Massey, vice president for the Multiple Sclerosis and NMO Squad at Genentech, Inc. shed light on how to successfully navigate handling transformation both within your company and within your career. 

Karen shared insight on the importance of learning, laughing and listening. Learning is important regardless of whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or content staying in the same position your entire career. She emphasized a few times that the same job you have today doesn’t look the same ten years from now. Laughing is important because you spend 40+ hours at your job and if you can’t laugh while performing it then it's likely not a good fit. The third pearl was listening. Truly get to know someone and find out what motivates them. Don’t manipulate someone to get to your predetermined answer but understand others bring important contributions to the table.

Thank you, Karen, the conversation you led was incredibly inspiring and we hope to have you come back to HBA Houston soon.

This event was led by Debbie Leder, senior clinical specialist multiple sclerosis & NMO team at Genentech, Inc., who was recognized as an HBA Honored Volunteer that evening. Debbie has been extremely active with HBA Houston since it launched in 2017 as an HBA Houston Ambassador, a critical role that has been key to our success and growth. This year, Debbie has developed several programs for HBA Houston to engage our members. Thank you, Debbie, for your enthusiasm and initiative to help HBA Houston grow. 

We would also like to recognize our HBA Houston Genentech volunteer’s Mary Jimenez, Kelly Kanaan, Audrea Juny Simpson and Will Womble, for their many contributions to make this event a huge success.

Our chapter’s success couldn’t be accomplished without our dedicated volunteers. Thank you to Sirisha Burra, Lisa Clissold, Jenny Frantz, Shauntell Kelley, Katie Jones, Adriana Sanchez and Ashley Scott for all of your radical hospitality and help to ensure that the event ran smoothly. 

Thank you once again to Karen Massey and Debbie Leder for making this event possible. We hope to see all of our HBA Houston members at our next event Leadership Roundtable: A Window Into Your Future on Tuesday, 25 June.








Emily W. Hobaugh
HBA Houston chapter president