HBA Seattle Announces a New Corporate Partner: BDO

BDO is the world’s fifth largest global firm of its kind offering financial and consulting services. There are many synergies between the missions of the HBA and BDO. BDO supports a company-wide women’s initiative for job parity and equal pay. BDO walks the talk with “putting people first” and creating a work environment that is respectful to all.  

Susan Linna, managing director of life sciences and HBA Seattle’s operations support manager, says, "This year, BDO is proud to announce they have become a corporate partner to the HBA and are actively working towards connecting our employees to local HBA chapters for professional support and development. I would like to thank Gina Tapper, an independent contractor for healthcare advisory, and an advisor to HBA San Diego, for her involvement. We look forward to strengthening our HBA/BDO relationship and working to serve our bright and talented professionals.”