A Note from HBA Seattle General Manager

Welcome to the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Seattle

I first joined the HBA, a 40-year old global organization of women and men, while based in Boston, in 2014. Not only did the HBA give me the opportunity to volunteer in areas that are outside of my regular job responsibilities, but also to connect with a wonderful network of people in biotech, pharma and healthcare, working in organizations ranging from small startups to multinational corporations.

I was part of the HBA Boston marketing and market research committee team, as well as a mentee of the mentoring circle when I relocated to Seattle, and initially I continued to volunteer and to receive mentoring remotely, as there was no HBA Seattle.

As I got to know the city and the region better, I felt that there was an opportunity for a Seattle-based HBA group. Although there were some related women’s professional groups in the area, none of them covered the specific themes that the HBA covers, and a local HBA would also help in pooling the efforts that different groups were working on, while keeping a focus on the specific fields related to healthcare.

Before long, I was part of a wonderful team who was working towards establishing an HBA affiliate in the HBA Pacific region. I am very excited and honored to announce that today, thanks to the dedication of the HBA Seattle board of directors, committee members and advisory board members, as well as the help of other chapters from the pacific region leadership and HBA Central, we are now preparing the transition from affiliate to chapter status. Stay tuned on the official launch of the HBA Seattle chapter.

The HBA’s mission is to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare. 

Our audience will enjoy the following:

  • Programs covering varied aspects of working in the life sciences and healthcare industries
  • Numerous opportunities to network, develop and refine leadership skills, build relationships and work contacts, and enhance personal branding through leadership positions within HBA globally, and in our region

Members have access to:

  • Professional development offerings, including the mentoring program and exceptional access to senior women leaders and inspiring role models in diverse healthcare sectors in the HBA Pacific region
  • The Leadership Success Series workshops
  • Exclusive access networking events
  • Leadership opportunities

As a group, HBA Seattle will be a force that leads to changes, growth and success. We invite you to join our united effort for change in Seattle today, and benefit from workshops, webinars, networking events, mentorship and volunteering opportunities.

Imen Elloumi-Hannachi, PhD

Groups audience: