HBA Chicago chapter announces 2014 theme

As we step forward into 2014 in less than 25 days, we as a chapter are very proud with our record breaking accomplishments this year and our growth in the past 10 years. We are now on to our next decade of new accomplishments. With that as the background, we would like to introduce our 2014 theme - advancing women's health. Thanks to the many board members who were involved in coming up with this theme.

The background and the thinking of this theme is based on understanding women in this digital age. 

Today’s women are involved in nearly everything. Whether it’s taking care of the husband, children, parents, siblings or extended family or leading a team at work or in an organization or planning family's healthcare to finances now or for the future, she does it all. She is also the decision maker for health, education, food and shopping for the entire family. With all these revolving around her 24 hours a day, when has she really focused on herself?  Especially her health. Being less conscious of her health, taking care of others first, she puts herself last.  

We as the HBA (focused on helping women in healthcare business to advance their career and growth) need to focus on their individual health as well. Need to put health first for our members. This year’s theme is the need to focus on just that – advancing women’s health. Finding ways to show our women membership to focus on herself. This is to help her to realize that taking care of herself first can help her to take care of others well. Looking to represent high energy, movement, positive feeling, active, fun, healthy, thriving and improved outcome through this theme. We will incorporate other tracks - healthy connections, executive connections, etc., to further extend this branding.

Our programming and other specific tracked events will focus on personal health and healthy career as a leader   –  take part in this journey of advancing women's health. 

A shout out and a special thanks to the Exclaim creative team for helping to create this beautiful logo with their special diamond chapter sponsorship.  


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