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Be energized by industry leaders who redefine advocacy and allyship, to help you activate your vision and voice!

The 2021 HBA Annual Conference's offers three dynamic keynote sessions

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Jessica O. Matthews
Innovator and CEO, Uncharted

Innovating During Times of Uncertainty: Turning Adversity Into Vision
Leaders and businesses each hold essential roles in creating solutions to enhance the lives and health of the citizens in the communities they serve. The past 18 months have presented incredible adversity across the globe and ample opportunity to turn it into a vision for new possibilities. Jessica will discuss:

  • Challenges and gaps in access to information, education, and opportunity inside epicenters of diversity.
  • Her philosophy to encourage individuals and organizations to embrace differences and recognize that challenges can give birth to innovative solutions.
  • Heightened challenges in black and brown communities; such as limitations on working remotely, more common pre-existing health conditions, and lower-quality healthcare.

Attendees will experience her passion for creating solutions to power the needs of people, businesses, and communities worldwide and be challenged to think of ways they can incorporate her philosophy when addressing the needs of the diverse communities they serve.

Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq
Neurologist • Chief Wellness Officer • Mindful Leadership Expert

The Power of Pause: Mindful Leadership to Transform Teams and Cultures
It’s 2021 and leaders are searching for more mindful and effective ways to live and work. This doesn’t mean leaders are just looking for "peace of mind"—it means they are also searching for a quantifiable increase in business, looking to attract and retain engaged employees, and create a workplace that attracts top talent. It’s common for businesses today to feel the drag of reduced productivity, employees calling out on too many sick days, and employees multitasking too much or working with tension and judgment. Let’s instead create leadership that empowers employees who feel competence and success.

The "Power of Pause" is the solution to the workplace epidemic of stress, busy brains, and toxic leadership. In this keynote, Dr. Romie provides the tips and techniques to transform teams, cultures, and reinvent organizations by installing wellness from the top down. Dr. Romie’s ‘Power of Pause’ will help you create a win/win for your organization, gain responsibility and respect as a leader, and create an engaged and productive workspace.