The HBA HUB is here to help you be – and showcase – a better you. Access bite-sized content for bettering your brain, your being and your brand. New content will be offered each day of the conference.

Build life-changing habits and boost your productivity

How do we train the brain to work like we do? Or is it the other way around? These bites will focus on all things productivity, time management, creativity and new ways to help you create more value in what you do and how you think.

  • Five Productivity Apps You Can’t Live Without
    Learn about Apps and productivity tips to help you and your team automate actions so you get more time to handle your day-to-day, especially with the need to juggle both home and work. Your goal for this session: take away at least three apps/tips to implement and test out.
  • Seven New Habits to Effective Team Collaboration
    Right now, more than ever, it’s essential for teams to master collaboration and create habits that make them a lean, efficient project management machine! Join this discussion for cool collaboration tools and platforms, and creating key habits for team collaboration, especially when working remotely.
  • Best Online Purchases for Your #WFH Life
    Furnishing your home office? Simply looking for enhancements to your day-to-day life while working from home? Let's take a look at interesting products you can find online to boost your productivity.

Improve your overall wellness: Caring for your mental and physical health

This is the time to take care of all of you – from the inside out. Our focus is to help you take care of yourself, your loved ones and to learn new habits that can create a better you. Our speakers will share tips on well-being, avoiding burnout, improving your happiness and self-love.

  • Five Quick Stretches When Working From Home
    We often do not have the same ergonomic equipment at home as we do at work. From poor posture to staying in the same position for extended periods, working from home (or just at a desk) can wreak havoc on your well-being. It is important to become aware first of how you sit and how you breathe. Join us to master some exercises to stretch the shoulders, neck, arms and other parts of the body.
  • Working from Home Wellness Strategies
    As you navigate this new world, working from home has become one of the most difficult challenges that we’re faced with. Whether you’re operating solo or homeschooling a handful of kids, we have expert wellness advice to help you stay motivated, feel energized and healthy in order to accomplish your goals one day at a time.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Simple Steps to Unwind
    It's impossible to avoid stress in our daily lives but it's definitely possible to manage your response to it. This activity will focus on relaxation techniques that you can use in your day-to-day life to calm yourself in the midst of stressful situations. From meditation to quick chair exercises, we'll walk you through how to get started and then we want you to pick at least two to stick with.

Focus on your brand to showcase your best self

Your brand is everything: it’s your voice, your actions, your credibility, how people perceive you and what you stand for. It’s not meant to be on the bottom of your to-do list. Glean from the advice shared in these sessions on how to be your own megaphone.

  • Building Your Brand: What is Your Value Proposition
    Whether you are seeking a new job or selling a product or service, what defines you above the rest? In order to help you stand out from the crowd, we will work to help you develop a plan to define your value proposition. We will take a look at barriers to client adoption and work on changing the focus of your messaging to “what problem are we solving.”
  • Seven Engagement Tips to Use on LinkedIn™
    LinkedIn™ is a must for all professionals. Walk away from this session with seven engagement tips to build a high-quality network, design an optimized LinkedIn profile that attracts your right audience and design a compelling brand story that reflects the highlights and value of your professional journey.
  • Tips on Becoming a Better Virtual Speaker/Presenter
    We’ve all had to transition from in-person meetings, events, and presentations to virtual ones in the past few months. It’s not a one-to-one conversion. From setting up your camera to adjusting the structure of the content you’re delivering, we’re sharing tips for you to keep your audience engaged in the virtual space.