Certificate Program for Business Partnering in Digital Innovation

Invest in yourself and take your career to the next level with the industry’s first and only Certificate Program for Business Partnering in Digital Innovation. If you are involved with your company's digital initiatives in any aspect, this certificate program gives you the organizational skills and savvy needed to help accelerate your career progression and impact.

Partnering with the Center for Communications Compliance (CCC), the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association launched the program in 2018 to incredible success. 

This twice-yearly program spans 12 weeks and includes both webinars and live discussion sessions with industry and government subject matter experts. A final examination will demonstrate your mastery of the concepts presented and lead you to a certificate of competence.

2018 program participants reported a doubling of confidence and perceived effectiveness across the three content tracks including their ability to  

  • Navigate challenging group dynamics
  • Engage cross functional team members in discussions about digital innovations along the entire value chain
  • Offer solutions for accelerating digital innovation based on new data, trends and cases

Click here for full program impact assessment metrics report.

If you are looking to significantly improve your performance and the impact you have on the effective utilization of digital communications, this program is for you. As a participant, you will leave with not only an increased understanding of the digital landscape, ecosystem and the regulatory environment, but also with enriched understanding of the psychological and neurochemical drivers of collaboration and how to apply that understanding to improve personal and team performance. 

Registration for the 2019 winter program is now open. Learn more about the speakers and the curriculum here.