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2021 HBA Women of Color Wellness Summit

Make plans to begin your 2021 HBA Annual Conference experience early! Add the 2021 HBA Women of Color Wellness Summit to your registration:

2021 HBA Women of Color Wellness Summit
8 November, 1:00-4:00 PM ET
Summit is only open to Annual Conference attendees
Additional fee of $125 / €104. Register before 10 September to save 50%


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are the foundation of our existing organizational values, our culture, and respect for all people and their ideas and identities. The HBA’s greatest strength lies in our understanding of the diverse range of stakeholders we are honored to represent.
As the last year presented a seismic shift in our world to more widely expose racial, gender, economic, and health inequities, our mission to advance the careers of women has accelerated the necessity to achieve more impactful change now.


As part of a multi-faceted approach to DE&I and in response to the expressed needs and interests of members and corporate partners, the Women of Color Wellness Summit is designed to broaden the awareness of how women of color were impacted over the last year by global events and explore how trauma and stress impact mental, physical, and financial health.

Our hope is that participants will see the summit as a time to pause for a wellness check and that they leave with practical tools for making holistic wellbeing a priority. We also hope they will feel affirmed in the value they bring to their companies and communities.